The Reliance Foundation Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Sciences aims to enable and propel India’s brightest youth, who are uniquely positioned to sit at the forefront of India’s technologically driven growth, to become the future leaders of tomorrow.

Supporting the Next Generation of Nation Shapers

In the course of the last few decades, human interaction with technology has witnessed remarkable change. Throughout 2020, India worked online, studied online, shopped online, received healthcare online, socialised online. India thrived online. This underscores the phenomenal evolution of Digital Technology in India. From being a means of limited engagement and entertainment, it has evolved into a platform of unlimited enablement and empowerment.

As we step into the fourth industrial revolution, India has the opportunity not just to catch up with other world leaders, but to emerge as a global leader itself.

India has the unique advantage to harness enormous capital for technology driven development which is bottom up and inclusive, because of our twin strengths of demographics and democracy. Our industry, our youth, the entire nation is ready to embrace and promote new technologies for a strong, sustainable and equitable new India.

The Reliance Foundation is committed to investing in building the next-generation of leaders who will be uniquely positioned to sit at the forefront of India’s technology driven growth. The Reliance Foundation Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Sciences will nurture and empower India’s brightest youth with potential to build next-generation technology solutions which, once perfected in India, and proved at India-scale, will be well positioned to address similar needs in other parts of the world. Because, in the words of our Chairman Sh. Mukesh Ambani, "for those who dare to dream, there is a whole new world to win."

The Reliance Foundation Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Sciences aims to support the most exceptional undergraduate and postgraduate scholars studying an eligible course in artificial intelligence or computer sciences at an eligible institution through their studies, and will build a community of new scholars who will become India’s global leaders of tomorrow.

Scholarship features:

Nurturing India’s talented youth who have the potential to become India’s global leaders of tomorrow

The scholarships will be granted on the basis of merit, seeking to select the best and brightest students through a rigorous and competitive selection process.

Up to 40 undergraduates and 40 postgraduate scholars will be selected

At the undergraduate level the total amount of scholarship available over the duration of the degree programme will be up to Rs/INR 4 Lakhs.

At the postgraduate level the total amount of scholarship available over the duration of the degree programme will be up to Rs/INR 6 Lakhs.

80% of the funds will be granted in advance at the start of each academic year, to use for tuition and direct academic expenses. The remaining 20% of the funds will be granted upon request to support professional development including indirect academic and personal development expenses, including conference related expenses.

Extra benefits to be offered to scholars include engagement and development opportunities, and being part of a strong alumni network.

We welcome applicants from all socio-economic backgrounds, and encourage applications from specially-abled candidates. At the undergraduate level, additional consideration may be given to applicants on a merit-cum-means basis for those with an annual household income of 10 Lakhs or less.


The Reliance Foundation Scholarship in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science is looking for scholars who embody the following values:

Scholars who are committed to excellence, in spirit and action, in everything they pursue, both academic and non-academic. Scholars who have a mindset of giving their best, seeking new and better ways to approach challenges and continually work to improve themselves.
Leadership Potential
Scholars who have the potential and ambition to become India’s and the World’s Leaders of Tomorrow.
Scholars who strive to be honest and forthright. They take accountability and responsibility for their actions, decisions, and behaviours.
Community Commitment
Scholars who show a moral force of character and instinct to lead in their communities for the advancement of society. Scholars who have a commitment to work for social good and give back to society.
Growth Mindset
Embodying Reliance’s spirit that “Growth is Life” we are looking for scholars that dream big and have an ever-evolving spirit. They possess a love of learning and continually striving to develop and improve themselves and support others to do the same.
Scholars who are resilient, patient, and tenacious. Students who embrace challenges with passion and conviction as opportunities to grow.
Eligibility Criteria

Reliance Foundation invites first year undergraduate and first year postgraduate students who are enrolled in a full-time programme in selected eligible institutes and in eligible courses to apply.

You must fulfil the following eligibility criteria in order to apply:

Be a resident
Indian citizen
Fulfil the academic criteria

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Currently enrolled full-time in an eligible institute and in an eligible course subject
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Other conditions:

Students who are selected for the Undergraduate Scholarship can avail other partial scholarships.

At Postgraduate level, scholars will be required to provide details of any financial benefits from other sources. The Scholarship programme policy will permit stipends from other sources of up to a maximum of Rs 15,000 per month during the scholarship period.

Application and Selection process

Applications for the 2020-2021 academic cycle closed on Sunday the 7th March 2021.

Application components:

  • Personal, Academic and Extra-curricular details
  • Two Letters of Reference: One that attests to your academic capabilities and one that attests to your character and leadership traits
  • Two Essays : Personal Statement and Statement of Purpose

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a virtual interview

Selection of Scholars will be announced at the end of May 2021

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions and Guidance to Applicants if you have any questions.

For any additional questions, please text “hi” on WhatsApp to 7977 100 100, or email us at

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